Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Country Chic

Quickly becoming a favorite of mine in the fashion world as of late is the modified shabby chic or "counrty chic" look. You know the cute, but you-have-to-have-a-place-to-wear-it, kind of look? That's how country chic was for me, but there are ways to modify it so that you can carry some shabby chicness around with you in any ol outfit :-)

So what is shabby chic or country chic? For me it consists of 4 elements of which can be mixed and matched to create as much or as little country as you would like....Lets break it down.

1. Florals
2. Boots
3. Light Denim
4. Dresses

Florals. You have to be careful with florals because it's the patterns and colors of them that can change the look and feel of your outfit. For a country chic look try to stay with muted versions of your favorite colors and smaller prints. This is to me, a very country chic floral:
Boots. Of course a cute (and well placed/appropraite) cowboy boot is an obvious go-to, but you can modify it so that is doesn't scream country girl (not that there is anything wrong with that)  :-) Heres two of my favs

Light Denim. This easy, broken-in look can easily be taken down the "country route" but it also just gets very popular in the summer because its light and breezy as shorts or jeans.

Dresses. Many of the country chic floral patterns are going to look gorgeous in dress form (see pic in floral). You also can do a sweet strapless denim dress, or a eyelet lace summer dress and make them effortlessly shabby chic.

I will definitely be trying some of these shabby chic looks this summer and hope you do too!

<3 B

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