Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunshine Fever

This constant warm weather and sun shiny days is making me have summer fever! I can't wait for the 80 degree weather and for one of my favorite fashion staples to come out and play...the summer dress :-)

Short and sweet summer dresses or long and flowy maxi dresses, you just can't go wrong with this one stop outfit. Its simple to dress up or down and a breeze to throw on for the up and coming hot weather. Pair with a cute set of wedges and you have a chic summer outfit.

Here's some of my favorites for the summer <3

Maxi Dresses

Sweet Simple Floral Dress

Buckle Brown Wedge
Lace Cut Out Dress
Versatile Wedges

Goal for this summer? Score one of these cute and easy looks...Happy Hunting!

<3 B

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chic of the Week

My Chic of the Week is fun patterned shoes. With all the bright colors out there for spring, mixing in some fun patterns on your feet is just what the (fashion) doctor ordered! Take a peek at these wedges and pretty flats in their respective patterns. Perfect for a sunny day stroll or a night out.

Have fun mixing patterns and colors, and don't be afraid to go bold!
<3 B

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Last Touch

Whew it has been awhile! Sorry about the hiatus but its been a little busy around here :-)

Anyway, today I want to talk about one of my favorite things...Accessories <3 (eh also fall into this category)

From bangles to sunglasses, the last touch on your outfit can really pull the whole thing together, or in some cases make you really stand out. Something to always keep in mind when it comes to your sense of fashion is the accessories. Jeans and a white T with a cute cardi or a leather jacket will always be a good go to look, but to change it up a little you need some stellar accessories. Its a fine line between gawdy and gorgeous that you walk when looking into interesting yet different pieces to accent your outfits.

My rule of thumb is to take one thing off before you leave. When it comes down to it, simplicity can speak volumes. If your look is pretty simple, then bling up your jewelry but if you already have a lot going on, try to have simple and understated jewels. For example if you are wearing a scarf, go with studs for earrings so they aren't competing for attention. Or if you want long dangling earrings wear a simple necklace. Here are some faves of mine.
The Simple and Elegant Pearl

Pop of color with a pretty scarf
Eye catching earrings
Build an outfit around it
The most important thing, have fun with it!

<3 B